Maties confident about reaching Varsity Cup finals

21 September 2016

Stellenbosch – Stellenbosch University’s netball team have won the last three rounds of the Varsity Cup season and Coach Christine Behan believes they can make it to the finals.

“I definitely believe we will make the semis as we should finish in the top four, but whether we go all the way to finals again depends on who and where we play the semis. That is our goal though and I believe we can do it. We have a great team and if our shooters are accurate, we are hard to beat,” said Behan.

Maties scored five consecutive goals within the first two minutes of Monday’s game against the University of Cape Town (UCT). Behan said it was their goal to lead 5-0 and start strong. Maties beat UCT 69-25.

Captain Juline Rossouw (24) attributes Monday’s success to sticking to the game plan. “It’s something that we have struggled with in the last few games. It was great getting it right in front of our home crowd. It’s very important to make a statement on court from the start. Nobody wants to start on the back foot.”

Juline Rossouw (left), captain of the Maties netball team, in action during Monday’s game against UCT.                        PHOTO: provided by Juline, taken by Stefan Stander photography.

Maties will play the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) on Monday 26 September at 18:00 at Coetzenburg Indoor Centre.

“This will be a very important game for us to get up our scoring average, which might count in our favour going forward in this competition,” said Rossouw, who plays goal defence.

She added that the game against VUT will be a good opportunity to showcase some of the team’s younger players.

Behan said that the team will use the game to practise combinations that they want to use against the University of the Free State.

Maties play Kovsies on Thursday 29 September at Coetzenburg Indoor Centre.

“It will be our most difficult match, because that result will determine where we finish on the log and who we will play in the semi-finals. It’s a very important and a crucial match for us. We are still hoping for a home semi-final too,” said Behan.

North-West University’s Pukke beat Maties 50-37 in 2015’s final. Despite this, Behan has made minimal strategic changes this year.

“Once we know who we will play in the semis we will analyse that team and train according to our specific game plan for that specific match.”


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