Photojournalism portfolio


Malawians of Cape Town

From Mangochi to the Mother City

Oscar (41) arrived in Cape Town in 1995 from a village called Mangochi in Malawi, looking for “any work”. He has been working as a driver for the last five years. PHOTO: Saarah Survé
Javison (42) arrived in South Africa in 2007, hoping to find a better future for himself. Before he came to Cape Town, he worked as a gardener in Johannesburg. He works as a security guard. PHOTO: Saarah Survé
Frank (28) came to South Africa in 2009, looking for work and “greener pastures”. He has been a petrol attendant at the Caltex at the Waterfront and is now a driver. He would like to go to photography or graphic design school. PHOTO: Saarah Survé
Dawood (26), in the blue T-shirt, came to Cape Town in 2012. Dawood has a diploma in business management, but works as a security guard. He is with his younger brother, Mohammed. PHOTO: Saarah Survé
Mohammed (23) followed his brother Dawood to Cape Town in 2014. He cleans houses and works as a gardener. PHOTO: Saarah Survé
Oscar (41) and Mabel (29) got married in Cape Town in 2009. They live with their daughter Moonisah (2) in Claremont. Mabel works as a receptionist. PHOTO: Saarah Survé
Moonisah rides her tricycle through their flat in Claremont. Her Malawian parents hope that she will have a better future in Cape Town, where she was born. PHOTO: Saarah Survé


A police officer reads a sign held by a protesting UCT student, outside Parliament, on 7 October. The sign reads: “Free education. End debt slavery”. He hoped to engage passers-by to further and deepen the debate on free education. PHOTO: Saarah Survé
Police officers and private security stand outside Stellenbosch University’s Education building on 10 October. The presence of police and private security heightened after students and workers began protesting that morning. PHOTO: Saarah Survé


Arthur Nico van der Merwe, 45, sits in the middle of a parking lot in Andringa Street in Stellenbosch. Arthur was released from Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison in Cape Town two days before this photograph was taken. PHOTO: Saarah Survé
A young boy leans against the wall of his home in Old Delhi, India. Many children are left to play without adult supervision during the day. PHOTO: Saarah Survé
A young boy playfully sticks his tongue out at the camera. He lives in a rural area in the Dominican Republic. Over 20% of the country lives in extreme poverty. PHOTO: Saarah Survé


Children, in the Dominican Republic, pose for a photograph in front of their homes. In the absence of toys, they play with old tyres and sticks. PHOTO: Saarah Survé
An old woman sells vegetables at a local market in Peru. PHOTO: Saarah Survé
A family waits while a toddler relieves himself against the wall in a parking lot in Chengdu, China. PHOTO: Saarah Survé

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