SA meets India

As seen on IOL.

Special Features | 30 March 2017

Yasmine Jacobs and Saarah Survé

Cape Town – When you combine the sounds of South Africa and India, one cannot predict the end result.

The answer lies in the combined sound of Deepak Pandit, Ranjit Barot and Marcus Wyatt.

“The idea is that it should be blending nicely… The idea is that two different musics when played together should sound like one piece of music,” said Pandit, at a press conference for the Cape Town International Jazz Festival on Thursday.

Wyatt joined in on this point and added, “It’s not super easy because stylistically we come from quite different worlds.”

They have been rehearsing for a few days and what they have found is a commonality.

“I believe the point of this (collaboration) is to have some sort of ‘cross-pollination’ of sound and style from the two countries.”

Wyatt reiterated that this is easier said than done. “Some styles of music blend easier than others and I have always been a musician that is up for a challenge.”

Barot chimed in: “I think it all begins with a willingness to have a dialogue… I think that there is a place where all people, all cultures, all genders meet. It’s a neutral, magical place where you stop defining yourself by everything that has been imposed on you in this life. “

See the article here.


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