STTA introduces ‘next-level’ electro

As seen on IOL.

Special Features | 30 March 2017

Yasmine Jacobs and Saarah Survé

Cape Town – STTA (better known as Sampling Through The Ages) is promising ‘next-level’ music at Cape Town International Jazz Festival this year.

Forget all you know about DJ’s, mixing beats, MPCs and electro.

“The best way I can describe our sets is a DJ set being performed live. We take on popular music in itself and remix and rearrange it in front of you and give it our own twist,” said Joshua Zacheus, the band’s drummer, vocalist and musical director.

STTA is a local live concept band that can formulate their music to the preferences. They consist of a drummer, two turntablists, three live beat machine samplers, one versatile vocalist/hypeman and a collective of “industry-recognised” guest features.

Festival-goers can expect a tribute to a number of musicians who passed away last year in STTA’s set.

The band opens the Bassline stage on Friday, March 31.

See the article here.


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