Free Concert 2017 sets the mood for Jazz Fest

As seen on IOL.

#CTIJF 2017 | 29 March 2017
Yasmine Jacobs and Saarah Survé

Cape Town – “It should be called the people’s concert.”

These were the words of Billy Domingo, the festival director of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, at the Free Community Concert on Greenmarket Square.

He explained that because so many people from all walks of life come to this concert, it should be dubbed as such. And one could see the diversity in the crowd.

After singing an original tune, VuDu seemed happy to touch down in Cape Town from Port Elizabeth.

“It’s an absolute dream,” the lead singer, Sisanda Myataza, said enthusiastically, just before breaking into another original hit.

The Free Community Concert promised to feature internationally acclaimed artists such as En Vogue and fan-favourites Mango Groove.

With the Free Community Concert being a success, one can expect nothing short of wonders at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival this weekend.

See the article and my photographs here. 


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