Rival minstrel groups proud of their success

As seen on IOL.

Western Cape | 4 January 2017
Saarah Survé

Cape Town – Despite the bickering between the Klaapse Klopse Karnival Association (KKKA) and the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival Association (CTMCA) in the lead-up to the Tweede Nuwe Jaar minstrel march, both organisations declared their events a success.

KKKA director Muneeb Gambeno said the traditional parade through the city centre was a big success.

“We started within a 40-minute period, which is a success compared to other years, and we officially finished in front of City Hall at 7.30pm. The last troupe was there at 11.30pm.

“We worked well with law enforcement and service providers. There has only been positive feedback.”

Gambeno said the KKKA will try to be bigger and better next year.

“We will apply for the tender for next year. It’s an arms-length process, but everyone has to.”

The process is easier if you are compliant, said Gambeno.

Kevin Momberg, CTMCA chief executive, said their competition held at the Athlone Stadium went off smoothly.

Last week, Momberg withdrew his troupes (totalling about 5 0000 members) from the march over the awarding of the hosting rights to the KKKA.

“All the teams were there, only three or four joined the parade in Cape Town.

“We are satisfied, but we are taking the city to court.”

Despite Momberg also levelling allegations against the city council over security certificates, mayoral committee member for tourism, events and economic development Eddie Andrews said he was not aware of any legal action that had been taken against the city.

Andrews said he was only aware of a delay and a security issue with the police, saying there were not enough marshals at the stadium.

Andrews said some of Momberg’s troupes from the CTMCA were welcomed at the traditional street parade in the CBD.

Momberg said he would like to see next year’s event become more inclusive, for the different minstrel associations to work more closely together and for the city to act as an “enabler”.

See the article here. 


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