Carl Wastie reminds celebs: Sun Met’s about the horses

As seen on IOL.

Life | 25 January 2017
Saarah Survé

Cape Town – With a hairstyle reminiscent of a horse’s mane, who better than Carl Wastie to remind us who the real stars of Saturday’s Sun Met celebrated with GH Mumm are:

“It’s not celebrities, people, dresses or suits. It’s horses.

“We tend to forget while we chill in the VIP areas. We don’t realise that we’re actually there for the horses.”

While mounted on a horse called Bosman at the Oude Molen Stables, the KFM jock said, “Something so natural and beautiful has created an event with such glamour and glitz. I wanted to go back to basics.

“Sometimes we lack empathy with the jockeys who have great relationships with these amazing animals.”

He recalled his family’s history with horses. His grandfather and father were jockeys.

Despite fitting the height requirement at 1.53m, Wastie said his skeletal structure would not suit a career as a jockey.

Wastie joked if he was a jockey, however, his name would be Horsetin Powers because he feels like it would be “groovy, baby, to ride a horse”.

“To any jockeys taking on the Sun Met, I’d say: remain calm and ensure that your pants are extra tight because that’s the only way you become faster. If you have a problem getting on the horse, go eat at Saddles.”

Wastie will be dressed by C Squared on Saturday.

“My favourite decade is the era of the Great Gatsby, but I might surprise everyone and go complete ’90s and wear an Adidas tracksuit, so that I’m comfy for the after party.”

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