Carl Wastie reminds celebs: Sun Met’s about the horses

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Life | 25 January 2017
Saarah Survé

Cape Town – With a hairstyle reminiscent of a horse’s mane, who better than Carl Wastie to remind us who the real stars of Saturday’s Sun Met celebrated with GH Mumm are:

“It’s not celebrities, people, dresses or suits. It’s horses.

“We tend to forget while we chill in the VIP areas. We don’t realise that we’re actually there for the horses.”

While mounted on a horse called Bosman at the Oude Molen Stables, the KFM jock said, “Something so natural and beautiful has created an event with such glamour and glitz. I wanted to go back to basics.

“Sometimes we lack empathy with the jockeys who have great relationships with these amazing animals.”

He recalled his family’s history with horses. His grandfather and father were jockeys.

Despite fitting the height requirement at 1.53m, Wastie said his skeletal structure would not suit a career as a jockey.

Wastie joked if he was a jockey, however, his name would be Horsetin Powers because he feels like it would be “groovy, baby, to ride a horse”.

“To any jockeys taking on the Sun Met, I’d say: remain calm and ensure that your pants are extra tight because that’s the only way you become faster. If you have a problem getting on the horse, go eat at Saddles.”

Wastie will be dressed by C Squared on Saturday.

“My favourite decade is the era of the Great Gatsby, but I might surprise everyone and go complete ’90s and wear an Adidas tracksuit, so that I’m comfy for the after party.”

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Bet on a day of glam and thrills at Sun Met

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Life | 24 January 2017
Saarah Survé

Cape Town – Get ready for a day of opulence and glamour at this year’s The Sun Met celebrated with Mumm.

The prestigious equestrian event takes place on January 28 at Kenilworth Racecourse.

Sun International, which has taken over the sponsorship reins of the event, promises to add thrill with an extra dose of elegance, sophistication, glamour and world-class entertainment.

Etienne Cassuto, brand manager of Mumm Champagne, said this year will be different because of new partners, new experiences and a new level of racing and glam.

With an honorary guest list of influential celebrities and designers, and the iconic international champagne Maison Mumm, a memorable experience can be anticipated.

The official theme of The Sun Met celebrated with Mumm is Decades of Glamour. So, get inspired by the last eight decades and dazzle in disco, go all-out in retro or put the glam into grunge.

Fashion label KLUK CGDT advised attendees to use the decade that inspires them as an influence, not a bible. Hats both useful for the sun and for making a statement and block heels and flatforms are a fashionable trend.

Exciting collaborations to expect will be KLUK CGDT and Minnie Dlamini; Warrick Gautier and Cape Town’s Jeannie D; and SA hip hop star Da Les and House of Ole.

KLUK CGDT said the theme is as much about the “now” as it is the past. “It is about making a statement, about a sense of occasion and about appropriate dress.”

Sipping from endless fountains of Mumm’s legendary champagne and mingling with SA’s finest is just a taste of what’s to come. It’s an experience not to be missed.

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Starting gates set to open for the Sun Met

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Life | 27 January 2017

Cape Town – The stage is set for the Sun Met celebrated with Mumm which takes place at Kenilworth Racecourse on Saturday.

Last year 32 000 people attended the Met and this year they are expecting no fewer, said Garth Petersen, event manager for Kenilworth Racing.

Public parking will be at Chukker Road. Tickets cost R70 and can be bought at Ticketpro or at the gate. Shuttles and buses for the public will be available from 10am until midnight. No roads will be closed. Petersen, however, has asked that nobody stop along Rosmead Avenue and rather get dropped off at the Wetton Road entrance.

There is hospitality VIP parking. Vehicle access is from the southern end of Chukker Road.

“We would prefer people not to drink and drive but rather use Uber or taxis.”

The weather will be around 24°C, but in the event of rain, some people will get wet, said Petersen. “There are marquees, big umbrellas and people can take shelter under the grandstands, but there isn’t much protection.”

There have been no applications for helicopters to land, but this could change on the day, he said.

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#SunMet – Local entrepreneur is in it to win it

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Life | 24 January 2017
Saarah Survé

Cape Town – Despite horse racing still being an elitist sport, one local entrepreneur is not letting that stop him.

Businessman Hassen Adams, executive chairman of Grand Parade Investments and owner of horse Mac de Lago, drawn at barrier 14 for Saturday’s Sun Met celebrated with GH Mumm, said if you’re in the race, you’re in with a shot at winning.

“(It’s) elitist in the sense that it is very expensive, high fashion and high cost. We have years and years of economic catch-up and that’s a problem.”

Adams said he has been in the industry for 30 years. “My father loved horses and I have never given up. There are still some people with apartheid bias, but I’m very vocal about it. The reality in life is that unless you challenge these frontiers, you will never be able to understand it and talk about it.”

Adams said he has one of the biggest stud farms and is one of the biggest owners. “As Mandela said to me one day: ‘I want you to be a torch-bearer because I know that you will be able to shine the light on many of our people’.”

Adams said he employs thousands of people at Grand West, SunWest, Table Bay, Burger King, Grand Parade Investments and Dunkin’ Donuts.

“I am a serial entrepreneur. By that I mean that I am hungry to grow so that I can create jobs.”

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#SunMet – Expert names favourites to win

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Life | 23 January 2017
Saarah Survé

Cape Town – Favourite Legal Eagle is the horse to beat in the R5 million Sun Met celebrated with Mumm over 2000m on Saturday, said Rouvaun Smit, leading South African commentator.

“As things stand on paper, theoretically, Legal Eagle should win the race.”

On Thursday, Legal Eagle was drawn at barrier number nine.

“He is in the prime position to decide whether he is going to go to the front or come from off the pace like he did in the Queen’s Plate,” said Smit.

“At this point, having a look at the full field, whoever beats Legal Eagle will win the race. I know the jockey himself (Anton Marcus) has great respect for Marinaresco, who has drawn two. He’ll be in a favourable position to be able to give him a run for his money.

“The horse that everyone else is touting about is Whisky Baron. He has drawn barrier number 8, right alongside Legal Eagle.”

According to Smit, the way the conditions of the race look and the way that the draw has been completed, only one of three horses can win it: Legal Eagle, Marinaresco or Whisky Baron.

Bela-Bela (with jockey Anthony Delpech) is the only filly in the race. “Last year a filly won. She probably has as good a chance as any other filly in this race to win it.

“Very seldom you’ll find fillies going for The Met, because there is a race on the day, The Majorca, which is primed at Grade 1 level fillies. Obviously the connections think that she has a chance of winning it. That’s why they put her in the race.”

Smit said that the pools are huge. “As a first-time better, I don’t think you can hurt yourself if you’re going to take R50 and put it on Legal Eagle, because of the volume of money that’s going to be in the pool.

“They’re looking at in excess of R5 million in the win pool alone. So, you are guaranteed to more than double your money if the favourite does win.”

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